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Sticky notes desktop shareware organizer with rich text, reminders, schedules, instant messaging
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Vicki Hyde
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28 September 2006

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We all are used to keeping the sticky notes with us for diverse purposes and usages, especially for professional reasons that help users in keeping themselves duly reminded of any specific task or utility. These sticky notes come in a variety of colors that makes them bright and easy to spot on the PC monitor or desk or simply placed on an urgent project file that needs attention. However, the flip side of using these sticky notes is first of all environmental issues that consumes lot of paper and often goes unnoticed if the glue isn’t strong enough to hold it to the desired surface. TurboNote+ 6.1 is an application that generates digital sticky notes and helps in boosting everyday procedures with its reminder abilities and organizational tasks.

TurboNote+ opens with a neat looking and organized interface with bright hues that can be configurable easily with the help of neatly arranged options that constitute editing and coloring features along with editing the appearance and even provides preview options. This feature can easily organize lists and reminders along with schedules that can be quickly communicated and saves time and energy of drafting an e-mail or informing personally. The recurring alarm feature of this program helps in keeping work organized and duly updated within timelines and highlighting feature can brightly highlight the desired date or task. Further, the application is fully customizable that can be preferred by the user and includes multiple colorful templates for same. This facility is password protected too that keeps it locked up from any third party; further it also helps in sending encrypted notes in case of shared networks.

To conclude, TurboNote+ 6.1 definitely enables the user to remain prepared for any meeting or appointment and remain informed of the tasks to be done and hence scores a rating of four points for its suitable performance.

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Sticky notes desktop shareware organizes lists, reminders, schedules and instant messaging, boosting business productivity, saving time and money for great return on investment. Risk-free trial with free sticky notes download. This popular downloadable Windows PIM is easy to install and use, and very reliable, providing a powerful, inexpensive way to keep organized.
Version 6.1
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